Event Staffing Services

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Thank you so much for making my event come together. With so much to do on our first trade show, you really put my mind at ease. You delivered everything you promised. We will be using you again.

- Beth Scadamcia

Ultimate Rental Services, Inc. not only provides equipment but also provides all staffing neccesary for any kind of conference, trade
 show, expo, show or any other type of event. Staffing services offered can help any event and make it possible to put on. Whether a
 seasoned veteran or new and wondering how to make an event happen, Ultimate Rental Services, Inc. can make it easy. Security
 staff, door greeters, loaders/unloaders, event staff, waiters/waitresses, ticket booth workers and any other position needed can be
 accomadated with friendly, professional staff.

Rental Staff Includes:


  Door Greeters

  Booth Lead Generators

  Parking Lot Attendants

  Show Staff


  Ticket Booth

  Event Management


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Thank you for choosing Ultimate Rental Services, Inc. for your rental needs. We look forward to assisting with your special event!